Because I Want To Post Often….

I’ll admit this right now: I don’t know how to blog, nor did I ever intend to have one. But because I want a way for my stuff to be out there, I have set this up thanks to the advice of a helpful friend. I don’t have another short story to post yet (though I might have my newest one finished tonight) but I do have 30 or something projects in the works and I can write the synopses for them here. The fun part of that is I don’t have to crisp and clean it up like I have to in a query letter. By the way-can you imagine how incredibly difficult it is to get a 300+ page manuscript down into a nice and neat couple of pages overview? It’s a necessary evil that I hate. Writing the query is harder than writing the novel for me! But what I like to do is tell a story. When I do that, I ramble and I deviate from the main points and I segue from random to random. I backtrack and add excitedly at least fifteen times, ‘oh, and I almost forgot….’

I want people to be as stoked for my work as I am, and that’s a big reason I don’t fear someone stealing my work. I mean, I DO fear it, but that doesn’t stop me from spilling the storyline of any novel I have going to anyone who’ll listen. It’s worth it to get feedback, even in the idea stage. And on that point, oh, I almost forgot…..  😉

My first two horror novels are titled Out of the Dark and Into the Dark. Before these concepts came to me, I would not have classified myself as a horror writer. Now, though, I’m hooked. My new and passionate love of writing horror, much like a marriage in the honeymoon stage, is vibrant and nearly overwhelming. It renewed my love of my craft in a way I didn’t even know I needed.

My newest horror novel is titled Every Man a Beast. It follows the worldwide disaster that results from the actions of a group of magical women, the Erinyes.  On the night of a rare galactic alignment of planets and stars, the Erinyes place a curse on all of mankind. With their spell, every man over the age of 18 is transformed into a Beast. Those who can’t tolerate the change: the old, the infirm and the weak, die after the spell transforms them. Their deformed corpses litter a world changed as much as the vast majority of its male inhabitants. Those with the ability to counteract what the Erinyes have wrought are chosen, the ancient knowledge of magic, which was burned from the minds of their ancestors, awakened in the descendents. The five men closest to the Erinyes are given a mission to destroy the women and reverse their spell. Bringing their unaffected but able to become infected wives, young sons and daughters with them, the five join together in order to complete their mission. A man named Reece leads them through a darkened land, facing off against the Beasts, traps set by the Erinyes and betrayal within his own group. Who will survive to do battlee against the Erinyes, and will they be able to destroy the powerful witches and reverse their spell before every heart is tainted with the darkness of the Beast?



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