Kindle On Your Computer!

All right-here’s the important part for those of you who want to know how to get my books without having a Kindle or smart phone:

Above is the link to get the program on your computer to purchase and read books through Amazon Kindle. Please, please click on it and check out my works on Amazon. I intend to have another book out very soon and then there will be a short break while classes get intense. In another few months, I hope to have another two books out.

For now, please enjoy this free sample from the next book I’ll have out, second in the Rohara Chronicles-Fated Crown:

“Celine,” The Mirror’s whispered word carried through to her even through the howls of dying Orobas and battling Roharans. Turning, looking for the Demon God’s soulless eyes or wicked grin, Celine didn’t spot him until he was practically on top of her. Grunting, she hit the ground hard as he forced a blast of magic through her back. His deep blue eyes glittered with malice as he lifted her by the throat.

     “You’ve changed, little Blood. You face your destiny, instead of cowering in fear before it. It is best, then, that I do away with you on this day.” Raising his free hand, tipped viciously with sword-sharp black nails, The Mirror grinned at Celine as he held her. Crying out in fury, Celine drove Nameless through his back, catching the tip of the sword in her own stomach for the effort. Too close, she thought, just a little too close…

     Enn chose that moment to barrel into The Mirror, smashing against his left side in her Loch form. Snarling wrathfully, she closed her strong jaw around the arm that still held Celine, and bit down with all her strength. The Demon God gave a howl of pain before lashing out, sending the Loch hurtling away from him with a blast of energy.

     “Not fast enough,” Celine snarled as she stabbed him again, this time through his black heart. 

     Wrenching the blade out of his chest, The Mirror stumbled back. He dropped Nameless on the once-white ground, now soaked with red and black blood.

     “This isn’t over, Blood,” he snapped, crimson spittle flying off his lips. Celine reclaimed Nameless from the ground and glared.

     “It never is,” she replied, her voice both tired, and still ringing with blood lust. She knew The Mirror had disappeared, even as she turned to face one of the last Orobas still standing. 

     “Cards,” Celine heard the word from Cheven, the only Card Sorcerer she had known. He pulled three from his deck, and they hung suspended in the air in front of him. 

     “Runes,” Chiel, a Rune Sorcerer whose power level was almost identical to Cheven’s, spoke up next. He held three stone aloft, mirroring the cards. 

     “Combine, come forth.” They spoke together, both donning giddy expressions as fire engulfed their hands.

     “Look what we did!” Cheven exclaimed excitedly as they flung twin fireballs at the Orobas. Celine smirked at them as she slashed at the creature’s throat, loosing its lifeblood on the frozen field. 

     “I’d put those out,” Celine commented of the flames but it was too late. The fire was already creeping up the sleeves of the robes they were wearing under their armor, and Celine laughed as they both panicked. 

     “Stop, drop and roll, maybe?” Vanti offered in a sarcastic voice as he swept past them, firing a lightning-encased arrow at another Orobas. He missed as the Orobas spun to the left to avoid the crackling, electrified shaft. 

     Finding a target less impressive than the God-granted bow-wielding Vanti, the Orobas roared and charged. After a brief, fierce battle, one of the Rebels fell. Celine, who had been running desperately towards them with intent to save his life, closed her eyes against the event of his quick death. 

     Filled with fury that the foul creature would steal the life of one she led, the Red Priest let out a bellow of wrath and attacked. This fight was just as quick, just as fatal. However, where the Orobas had triumphed once, it now fell after a series of brutal blows from Nameless.

     “NO!” Seuna screeched as she abandoned her position with her unit, and dashed towards Rollin. The left side of his face was horribly damaged, obviously the wound that had caused his death. The Herbal Witch wept over his body as the fight drew to a bloody finish. 


I hope you enjoyed the short sample of Fated Crown. Hopefully the full book will be available for purchase through Amazon Kindle very soon!


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