Pain & Love

Because I’ve already made covers for them (and I really enjoy making covers, by the way) I’d like to write down the synopses for the three books I’ve been working on recently. Besides Fated Crown (which comes out very soon) and Out of the Dark (which I will be waiting until at the very least April to publish) I have in the works a romance trilogy called Pain & Love. There’s no final decision yet if these short novels will be of the erotic nature, but romances they most definitely are. Pain & Love has three books in the series: Seared, Pierced and Scorched.

The first of the three couples followed in Pain & Love is Reyna and Tyler. Tyler (as the alien Tyris) leaves his homeworld and crash lands on Earth in the woods behind Reyna’s house. When he awakens after the crash, he is human and he is with Reyna, the woman he knows to be his mate. A divorced mother who lost her daughter in infancy, Reyna has no family, no close friends and no desire for a man in her life. While the newly human Tyler tries to convince Reyna of their ties and his origin, they are hunted by a group who seeks out paranormal individuals within their city. During their flight from danger together, Tyler must decide how far he will go to stay with the mate he has finally found, and exactly what he is willing to do in order to save them both…

The second in the Pain & Love set is Pierced. In the same city where Reyna and Tyler are being hunted, Mallory and her family have safe houses scattered around for people who, like them, are targets of the paranormal-seeking cult. After meeting Tyler and Reyna and leading them to safety, Mallory is outed as a psychic and her family is taken hostage. A centuries-old vampire who has avoided civilization for the better part of recorded human history, Leigh comes to Mallory with an offer to save her family. He will turn her, giving her the strength to face the hunters and rescue her kin. His offer is contingent upon Mallory vowing that she will kill him and reclaim her humanity when her goal is reached. During the course of their mission together, it becomes harder to define the line between duty and destiny and in the end, Mallory and Leigh are both confronted with confusion and choices that have the capacity to keep them together forever or lead to both of their deaths.

The final installment in Pain & Love is called Scorched. Following the same group of hunters and hunted, the main character of Scorched is Lydia, a dragon soul stored in a human body. To protect her siblings-the only other two dragon souls she knows besides herself-Lydia has turned over other paranormal individuals to the hunters for years. When her arrangement is exposed, the cult leader demands her head but the hunter sent to take it can’t bring himself to kill her. After being captured, the hunter Dan must face the realization that what he has been taught from birth may not be as black and white as he has been led to believe. Lydia and Dan need to work through a lack of trust, a lack of security and the confusion that comes from their attraction to each other in order to save their families and themselves.

I hope you are as excited to read the installments in Pain & Love as I am to write them! The first, Seared, is almost completed and the other two are in the outline process. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these romances in progress. 🙂


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