How about a teaser?

I am so incredibly excited that Seared, the first of the Pain & Love trilogy, has been accepted to be published! 🙂 I’ve admittedly been doing a happy dance for a few days now. As a result, I would like to post a teaser from the second book, entitled Pierced. In Seared, we follow the story of Tyler and Reyna, but we also meet a very spirited psychic named Mallory. Pierced follows the continuing tale that was initiated by the first couple, will be carried on by Mallory and the vampire Leighton and concluded by the dragon soul Lydia and the fallen angel, Dan. I hope you enjoy the short teaser from Pierced and look forward to the release of the entire trilogy as much as I do!

Mallory crossed her arms over her chest, hoping the defensive position would deflect some of the easy charm Leigh radiated, but she felt herself panicking. Leigh exuded cool, calm disinterest; like he couldn’t care less whether or not she accepted his help. But if Mallory’s family had truly been taken by the Hunters, she was desperate to get them back. She’d been the most recent thorn in their side. She knew they would keep her parents and brother to draw her near.
Her father was the only one out of her immediate family besides Mallory herself who had any unusual talents. Did they know, or did they think it was Mallory alone in possession of magical abilities? Would they hurt them all to get to her? If they knew only Mallory and Luke were gifted, would they still kill her very normal, very human mother and brother?
“Time really is of the essence if you wish to help them,” Leigh insisted. Mallory could barely see him in the thick darkness that wrapped around them. She’d bet he could see her perfectly.
“Why?” she asked. She wanted to convince him and herself that she wasn’t wild with fear for her family, and she hoped her simple question would accomplish that. Her voice shook and the fine tremors in her arms made standing with them crossed more uncomfortable with each second that crept by. She doubted she was very convincing.
“Because in order for you to save them, you will have to let me kill you-and that, my dear, is a rather lengthy process…”