Teaser Tuesday

Hey, blog viewers! Look at that-two posts from me in as many days. πŸ™‚ I was online sending a couple of copies of Seared and Pierced out (hoping for reviews!!) and decided while I was here, I’d try to at least get something in the blog. πŸ™‚ Because I do Meet My Character Mondays, I thought it would be appropriate to do a Teaser Tuesday… because even though I am an author and create things all the time, I have a hard time coming up with good ideas for this here blog. πŸ˜›
This teaser needs a bit of back story: in the short story collection, A Whisper In The Dark, I have a short titled The Pallandrax. It’s about a book that when opened spills a dark shadow world into our own. The short focuses on the woman-the human woman-who opens the book. Darkbringer, the novella, will follow the journey of that woman’s daughter. She is part human and part Shadow-kin, having been turned partially into one of the creatures that claimed and destroyed Earth. Her father rules, and Leilani lives in a confusing half world, able through her mystical bloodline to see and experience things from the untainted form of Earth.
When Leilani saves one of her blood rivals from death, her life becomes even more complicated. The secrets behind her birth and the choices to make to determine her future come together in blood, betrayal, and the one slim chance to-against her bloodline and claim to the throne-change the world for the better.

teaser for Darkbringer

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Oh no! I missed one!

So I missed the last Meet My Character Monday. 😦 It makes me very sad, but I have a good one for you today!

Switching it up from my romances and my NA series, I’d like to focus on one of my horror novels for today. Out Of The Dark is the first horror novel that I really got into writing. I typically add some romance into everything I write, but OOTD is all horror, all the way through. Though there are personal relationships between some of the characters, the dark tone and tension of the story maintains all the way through. Shane is my favorite character from this book.

Some interesting facts about Shane:

*Shane exists in a world that has been taken over by the darkness of nightmares. He is uncorrupted, and is outnumbered by the many, many people who were corrupted in the first wave. Shane’s main goal is to take the uncorrupted people he’s teamed up with to an island, which he believes is abandoned and safe from the blight that has taken most of the world.
*There is a snippet further back in my blog from Out Of The Dark, and it is a scene with Shane. I love Shane’s scenes, and sometimes hate the fact that I have to write through the perspectives of some of the other characters to get to his.
*Shane is an EMT. He is driven to help people, and trained in various first aid and survival techniques that make him able to pursue his goals. His training and innate drive to protect people is what compelled him to save the baby Leila after her mother was taken by the corruption.

Shane mmcm

I hope you enjoyed meeting Shane. πŸ™‚ I would have to say he is definitely one of the best guys I’ve had the pleasure to write, and one of the characters I love the most. Shane’s story continues in Into The Dark, the sequel to Out Of The Dark. Though I don’t have a release date planned for either of them, I look forward to the day they’ll be available to buy!

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Meet My Character Monday #3

OK, so I didn’t manage to get any blog posting done between the last and this one…. But at least I’m still doing the Mondays I’ve devoted myself to. πŸ˜‰

Today’s Meet My Character Monday was supposed to be Cameron Connelly of All Purpose Exorcisms, but ended up being Lydia McKinney, of the book Scorched. Lydia is the main character of the finale of the Pain & Love set, the first two books of which (Seared & Pierced) have already been published! πŸ™‚ Because I’m working so hard to finish Scorched currently, Lydia is really the only character on my mind.

Lydia joins Mallory Wright, Leigh Garrett, and Dan Richardson (Lydia’s love interest) in fighting to eradicate the group known as The Hunters from their town once and for all.

Some interesting facts about Lydia:

*She is a Dragon in human form. Just because The Hunters have neutralized her power doesn’t make her a less formidable foe. She is fearless, powerful, and easily incited. Not only that, but her power over flame still works in human form!
*Lydia may seem selfish and uncaring, but she is deeply emotional and devoted to those she cares for. Writing Lydia is an emotional roller coaster for me-she tries so hard to keep most of the things she feels under wraps, and I as the author have to work to keep her intensity from spilling onto the pain when she’s trying to contain herself!
*As a Dragon soul, Lydia is practically immortal. The true spirit of a Dragon rests it its heart, which can be transferred from human form to human form indefinitely, as long as it is kept after the death of its host. Lydia and her sisters mourn the loss of their mother’s heart, which has been lost for years since her untimely death.

lydia mmcm

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Meet My Character Monday #2

Look at that, blog goers-I managed to stick to schedule and put up another Monday post. Yay! All right, today we meet Callum Creed. Callum is Quinn’s assigned. You’ll remember Quinn from my first Meet My Character Monday. You can check the previous post out for a refresher if need be. πŸ™‚

Callum joins Quinn in the Life After The Dome series, but he is her opposite in more ways than one. While Quinn hopes to escape The Dome, Callum is fully devoted to making life there as productive and peaceful as possible. He is training to be a member of The Dome’s governing body, The Echelon.

Interesting facts about Callum:

*Callum is the first character to have a name change midway through the first draft. His original name was Tanner.
*Even though I write Life After The Dome in first person from Quinn’s point of view, it was Callum’s character and voice that convinced me the story was strong enough to flesh out.
*Callum is honorable and good in almost every way when the story begins. By the end of the series, he has been through the most character changes, yet has somehow managed to stay truer to himself than any of the others. Let’s just say Callum has an interesting and intense ride throughout!

I hope you enjoy meeting Quinn’s counterpart. Look forward to more of the Meet My Character Monday posts. I have tons of characters to go through! πŸ™‚

callum mmcmbh

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Meet My Character Monday

Hey, everyone. Yes, I will reiterate that I am terrible at keeping up on blog posting. Sorry about that. However, today I came across something that I thought was neat, so I’d like to at least do one blog posting per week, if nothing else! This is my first attempt at Meet My Character Monday. I thought that I should logically introduce one of the characters from Pierced (which releases on September 8th, yay!) but instead I will focus on the character who has consumed my attention recently. Quinn has taken over entirely, to the point where I intend to begin her series (Life After The Dome) before I finish the Pain & Love set.

A few notable facts about Quinn:

*She has a strong first person voice, which makes her unique among my characters. I always write in third person, but Quinn’s story will be written in first.
*At 19, Quinn is the youngest main character I have ever worked with.
*Quinn lives in an underwater facility called The Dome, which she has never been able to leave. She is also claustrophobic, which makes her home a form of torment for her, as she often has panic attacks at being inescapably enclosed for her entire life.

Rising is the first of three novels in this series. Reclaiming and Renewed will round out the series, and it will be marketed to a YA audience. I am thrilled to begin this journey, and happy to introduce the character who will narrate her adventures! I hope you enjoy meeting Quinn Everhart. πŸ™‚

better quinn thing