Meet My Character Monday

Hey, everyone. Yes, I will reiterate that I am terrible at keeping up on blog posting. Sorry about that. However, today I came across something that I thought was neat, so I’d like to at least do one blog posting per week, if nothing else! This is my first attempt at Meet My Character Monday. I thought that I should logically introduce one of the characters from Pierced (which releases on September 8th, yay!) but instead I will focus on the character who has consumed my attention recently. Quinn has taken over entirely, to the point where I intend to begin her series (Life After The Dome) before I finish the Pain & Love set.

A few notable facts about Quinn:

*She has a strong first person voice, which makes her unique among my characters. I always write in third person, but Quinn’s story will be written in first.
*At 19, Quinn is the youngest main character I have ever worked with.
*Quinn lives in an underwater facility called The Dome, which she has never been able to leave. She is also claustrophobic, which makes her home a form of torment for her, as she often has panic attacks at being inescapably enclosed for her entire life.

Rising is the first of three novels in this series. Reclaiming and Renewed will round out the series, and it will be marketed to a YA audience. I am thrilled to begin this journey, and happy to introduce the character who will narrate her adventures! I hope you enjoy meeting Quinn Everhart. 🙂

better quinn thing


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