Meet My Character Monday #2

Look at that, blog goers-I managed to stick to schedule and put up another Monday post. Yay! All right, today we meet Callum Creed. Callum is Quinn’s assigned. You’ll remember Quinn from my first Meet My Character Monday. You can check the previous post out for a refresher if need be. πŸ™‚

Callum joins Quinn in the Life After The Dome series, but he is her opposite in more ways than one. While Quinn hopes to escape The Dome, Callum is fully devoted to making life there as productive and peaceful as possible. He is training to be a member of The Dome’s governing body, The Echelon.

Interesting facts about Callum:

*Callum is the first character to have a name change midway through the first draft. His original name was Tanner.
*Even though I write Life After The Dome in first person from Quinn’s point of view, it was Callum’s character and voice that convinced me the story was strong enough to flesh out.
*Callum is honorable and good in almost every way when the story begins. By the end of the series, he has been through the most character changes, yet has somehow managed to stay truer to himself than any of the others. Let’s just say Callum has an interesting and intense ride throughout!

I hope you enjoy meeting Quinn’s counterpart. Look forward to more of the Meet My Character Monday posts. I have tons of characters to go through! πŸ™‚

callum mmcmbh

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