Meet My Character Monday #3

OK, so I didn’t manage to get any blog posting done between the last and this one…. But at least I’m still doing the Mondays I’ve devoted myself to. 😉

Today’s Meet My Character Monday was supposed to be Cameron Connelly of All Purpose Exorcisms, but ended up being Lydia McKinney, of the book Scorched. Lydia is the main character of the finale of the Pain & Love set, the first two books of which (Seared & Pierced) have already been published! 🙂 Because I’m working so hard to finish Scorched currently, Lydia is really the only character on my mind.

Lydia joins Mallory Wright, Leigh Garrett, and Dan Richardson (Lydia’s love interest) in fighting to eradicate the group known as The Hunters from their town once and for all.

Some interesting facts about Lydia:

*She is a Dragon in human form. Just because The Hunters have neutralized her power doesn’t make her a less formidable foe. She is fearless, powerful, and easily incited. Not only that, but her power over flame still works in human form!
*Lydia may seem selfish and uncaring, but she is deeply emotional and devoted to those she cares for. Writing Lydia is an emotional roller coaster for me-she tries so hard to keep most of the things she feels under wraps, and I as the author have to work to keep her intensity from spilling onto the pain when she’s trying to contain herself!
*As a Dragon soul, Lydia is practically immortal. The true spirit of a Dragon rests it its heart, which can be transferred from human form to human form indefinitely, as long as it is kept after the death of its host. Lydia and her sisters mourn the loss of their mother’s heart, which has been lost for years since her untimely death.

lydia mmcm

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Lydia. Look forward to other postings, and make sure to check out these other awesome writers/bloggers to meet their characters and check out their works, as well! As always, thanks for reading!

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