Oh no! I missed one!

So I missed the last Meet My Character Monday. 😦 It makes me very sad, but I have a good one for you today!

Switching it up from my romances and my NA series, I’d like to focus on one of my horror novels for today. Out Of The Dark is the first horror novel that I really got into writing. I typically add some romance into everything I write, but OOTD is all horror, all the way through. Though there are personal relationships between some of the characters, the dark tone and tension of the story maintains all the way through. Shane is my favorite character from this book.

Some interesting facts about Shane:

*Shane exists in a world that has been taken over by the darkness of nightmares. He is uncorrupted, and is outnumbered by the many, many people who were corrupted in the first wave. Shane’s main goal is to take the uncorrupted people he’s teamed up with to an island, which he believes is abandoned and safe from the blight that has taken most of the world.
*There is a snippet further back in my blog from Out Of The Dark, and it is a scene with Shane. I love Shane’s scenes, and sometimes hate the fact that I have to write through the perspectives of some of the other characters to get to his.
*Shane is an EMT. He is driven to help people, and trained in various first aid and survival techniques that make him able to pursue his goals. His training and innate drive to protect people is what compelled him to save the baby Leila after her mother was taken by the corruption.

Shane mmcm

I hope you enjoyed meeting Shane. 🙂 I would have to say he is definitely one of the best guys I’ve had the pleasure to write, and one of the characters I love the most. Shane’s story continues in Into The Dark, the sequel to Out Of The Dark. Though I don’t have a release date planned for either of them, I look forward to the day they’ll be available to buy!

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