Teaser Tuesday

Hey, blog viewers! Look at that-two posts from me in as many days. 🙂 I was online sending a couple of copies of Seared and Pierced out (hoping for reviews!!) and decided while I was here, I’d try to at least get something in the blog. 🙂 Because I do Meet My Character Mondays, I thought it would be appropriate to do a Teaser Tuesday… because even though I am an author and create things all the time, I have a hard time coming up with good ideas for this here blog. 😛
This teaser needs a bit of back story: in the short story collection, A Whisper In The Dark, I have a short titled The Pallandrax. It’s about a book that when opened spills a dark shadow world into our own. The short focuses on the woman-the human woman-who opens the book. Darkbringer, the novella, will follow the journey of that woman’s daughter. She is part human and part Shadow-kin, having been turned partially into one of the creatures that claimed and destroyed Earth. Her father rules, and Leilani lives in a confusing half world, able through her mystical bloodline to see and experience things from the untainted form of Earth.
When Leilani saves one of her blood rivals from death, her life becomes even more complicated. The secrets behind her birth and the choices to make to determine her future come together in blood, betrayal, and the one slim chance to-against her bloodline and claim to the throne-change the world for the better.

teaser for Darkbringer

Hope you liked the teaser. 🙂 I know these fine people are my Meet My Character Monday group, but I’ll list their links on this post anyway. Because I like them. 😉 Check them out and stay awesome as always!

1. Emmy Gatrell http://emmygatrell.com/…/09/meet-my-character-monday-9-29/

2. Ashe Barker http://www.ashebarker.com

3. D M Singh http://dmsinghwriting.wix.com/dmsingh#!blog/c112v

4. Jennifer Lynn Reynolds http://www.jenniferlynnreynolds.com/new-blog/


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