It’s my birthday! :D

Hello there, blog viewers. 🙂 It seems right that today’s Meet My Character Monday introduces Cameron Connelly, one of the characters closest to my heart. Cam has ten books in her series, each of them chronicling her journey through the ten Territories of the New States. She operates on a rotational basis as a member of an elite sect of Exorcists who try to maintain the balance of a dangerous and vastly changed post-apocalyptic world.

Some interesting facts about Cameron:

*Her brother Bernard was murdered in front of her when she was young. This event shaped much of Cam’s personality and lifestyle.
*She is the most powerful Exorcists that has ever existed. Not a single Exor that exists or has ever existed can hold a candle to her prowess.
*The spiritual entity that acts as her mentor, Father Ron, is actually a several times removed Uncle of Cam’s. He would have been an Exor, had he been born after the Cataclysm destroyed most of the world and brought the barriers down between realms.

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