My other suck

So I suck at more than updating blogs. I have so many things I could talk about-from the release date for Scorched (March 17th, woo!) to the ups and downs of everyday life-but I can’t seem to remember I have this place here.

Another thing I’m awful at is marketing and promoting myself.

“So I have a book you might enjoy. I mean, it’s a fun read. Not to be up in your face about it but…you know, it’s ok. I like it. I’m making this worse, aren’t I? Here, please slit my wrists with these business cards and let’s forget this interaction ever took place….”

That’s pretty much a play by play of how my attempts to get people to check out my stuff goes.

It’s not that I hate people or have no faith in my work. It’s that I’m TERRIFIED of people and there are days when I go through what’s successful in my field and think I definitely have to be doing something gravely wrong.

I don’t write because I hope to become rich. That’s actually a laughable dream to me. I write because I can’t help it. I’m one of those who can’t turn off the (perfectly harmless, I swear) voices in my head unless I put them to paper. But while I absolutely have to do it, I figure it’s smart to try to make money to fund this necessity of life. And that’s where marketing and promotion come in. Because if no one knows my name or my work, I won’t make any money on it. The catch here is that really great marketers can be absolutely shitty writers and yet they still sell like they give out a free hit of heroin with each book. I’ve seen spelling and grammatical errors in teasers that have less than four words on them. And these people can’t produce work fast enough for the general public to consume.

In short, I suck at what is definitively the most important part of writing: selling myself. And it sucks that what you do between the pages isn’t and never will be the most important aspect of the craft.

The first step to solving a problem is addressing it, and address it I have. Hopefully in a follow up posting, I can talk about how I overcame my fear of other humans in order to sell them on my endeavors without awkwarding all over them. Until then, write and weird on. ✌